Hi, I'm Robbie

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I’ve been a die-hard recreational fisherman for over 37 years and spent the past 5 years professionally guiding and teaching anglers to fish with my landbased fishing tour business, Perth Fishing Safaris. Being at the pointy end of your game and catching big fish consistently is one thing, but teaching and assisting others to achieve those same goals is a completely different kettle of fish. It not only requires the deepest level of knowledge of your subject, trophy-sized fish, it also demands a complete understanding of the environment in which those species live, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the gear required to extract them and the technical skills required to put that gear and equipment to best use. On top of all of that, it requires immense patience and belief that your students can achieve anything with the right guidance and coaching. 

I've been rock-hopping since I was 5. Watch me land this double-header of snapper in the Complete Guide To Drone Fishing course.

Between 2017 and 2022 myself and tight team of guides guided our clients to thousands of dream captures. My goal with Up Your Catch is to continue guiding anglers around Australia and the world, to continue helping people achieve their fishing goals through professionally crafted online fishing programs. My life has evolved around fishing, and teaching people to become better at fishing has become my passion. 

Landbased game fishing is one of my fav forms of fishing. Sailfish landed with a few mates while teaching them how to gas balloon the cliffs in WA's north-west.

Join me through one of my comprehensive courses to further your knowledge in a particular domain, to increase your skill set and to become the best angler you can be. It’s time to Up Your Catch, so come and join me today and let’s do this together!

This mulloway (and more) is landed in my soon-to-be-released Complete Guide To Beach Fishing course, due Feb 2024 and available now for pre-order.