What you'll learn

  • How to find spots

    Ever wondered where to fish? The options are endless when you have the right knowledge.

  • Info on drones

    Fish with confidence once you know the best drones to use, how to take off, how to fly baits out and more!

  • Skills & techniques

    Up your skill set with countless tips and techniques to implement across all aspects of your fishing.

Course curriculum

  1. Introduction

  2. Overview - What is Drone Fishing?

  3. Rules and Regulations

  4. Drone Fishing Safety and Risks

  5. Drones For Fishing - Which Drone To Choose

  6. General

About this course

  • $298.00
  • 112 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content

Learn from the best in the business

Read more about Up You Catch’s expert instructor:

Robbie Riches

When it comes to drone fishing, Robbie was right there at the beginning back in 2016 when drone fishing became a thing. After refining his own techniques, developing his own rigs and cracking the code on targeting pink snapper and pelagic fish with a drone, Robbie created specific drone fishing tours and educational sessions for clients in his landbased fishing tour business Perth Fishing Safaris - which saw thousands of intrigued anglers taking up drone fishing and benefiting from the use of modern technology in the outdoors world. Nowadays, the rigs and techniques he perfected for snapper are still the go-to for drone anglers targeting reef fish in Australia and around the world. However, the rigs and techniques he uses for targeting pelagics are less widely known, with only a select number of clients experiencing them in action on extended landbased game fishing trips. These trade secrets are now revealed for all to see and learn in The Complete Guide To Drone Fishing course.  

This spanish mackerel is landed in the Pelagics section of the course.

Start catching more today

The Complete Guide To Drone Fishing will teach you everything you need to know to become the most successful angler you can be. This course covers the vital skills and techniques that will have you landing more fish and bigger fish using a drone.